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    NYSDOT WorkSmartNY Program


    r6catalyst has been collaborating with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) since 2019 to plan, develop, and manage the WorkSmartNY Program. This program, which is a critical initiative of the Office of Diversity and Opportunity (ODO), aims to provide coaching and training on multiple topics to disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) and minority and women-owned businesses and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in NYSDOT projects.


    The WorkSmartNY Program is a statewide initiative, and as such, r6catalyst’s team remained flexible and adaptable to travel to all eleven NYSDOT regions, from Buffalo to Manhattan, to organize and conduct training workshops. These training sessions were often combined with presentations on upcoming NYSDOT projects, networking opportunities with prime contractors and shortlisted teams, and meetings with NYSDOT project engineers and regional staff to bring additional value to attendees. The success of these seminars and events required meticulous planning and preparation, including demographic and market research, marketing, outreach and engagement, event planning, and curriculum and presentation development. r6catalyst’s experience in marketing, technology, small business development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) resulted in effective outreach and marketing campaigns. The team coordinated with external stakeholders, presenters, local and regional government representatives, and other NYS agencies to ensure their buy-in and support.


    Today, the WorkSmartNY Program has evolved into a hybrid program, with r6catalyst conducting both online training sessions and in-person events primarily focused on NYSDOT projects. Regular feedback and post-event surveys indicate the program’s effectiveness in achieving its goals. As each year progresses, the program curricula expands to cover a broad range of training topics that provide firms with the expertise needed to navigate NYSDOT procurement processes and enhance their technical competence to work on NYSDOT projects.