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    our story

    r6catalyst is a multifaceted, minority and woman-owned niche management consulting firm.

    Our suite of services creates solutions in organizational strategy, marketing and communications, stakeholder engagement and change management for private and public entities. We have over a decade of experience working with the government on program management, small business certification, technical assistance, capacity building and training programs.

    We are committed to creating innovative and results-driven solutions that are powered by strategic insights, data analytics and generated with empathetic understanding. The principals play key roles in each engagement, underpinning our core values of customer-centricity and integrity, and driving us to be detail-oriented, collaborative, and responsive.

    For over a decade, r6catalyst has been providing bespoke solutions in Organizational Strategy, Program Management, Marketing and Communications, Leadership Development and Diversity (DEI) Programs.

    Maddie Chandran

    As Managing Principal at r6catalyst, Maddie brings over 25 years of international experience specializing in strategy, communications, client relations, and enterprise program planning and management. With her robust academic background, versatility, proficiency, creativity, and innovative approaches, she has redefined the standards of excellence at r6catalyst. Her ability to orchestrate large-scale programs with multiple entities and consistently deliver impactful results is a testament to her unparalleled organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail. As a staunch advocate of diversity and inclusion, she holds a deep-seated commitment to social justice making the empowerment of small businesses a foundational priority for r6.

    Suranjan Ray

    With over 25 years of expertise in strategic marketing, communications, and technology, Suranjan is a seasoned, innovative, and results-driven leader dedicated to elevating customer experience to unparalleled heights. By leveraging next generation technologies including Generative AI (Gen AI) and UX/UI design, he crafts unique marketing, advertising, and communications strategies, providing bespoke solutions to clients while ensuring each interaction is not just transactional, but transformative. His commitment to excellence extends to program management, where he guides r6 on utilizing software tools and processes to guarantee top-tier delivery & performance across all our endeavors.

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    Alexander Orlando

    An innovator, academic, and thought leader, Dr. Orlando’s illustrious career is a testament to his innovative approach in integrating artificial intelligence with marketing strategies, significantly impacting how businesses understand and interact with their customers. He excels at crafting and executing cutting-edge go-to-market (GTM) strategies, and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive efficiency and innovation across diverse industries. He has a proven track record in research and data analytics, digital transformation, revenue generation strategies, SaaS/PaaS and CRM optimization. His pioneering efforts in open, crowdsourced innovation have been adopted by various public entities including the Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR).

    Chuck Foley

    Chuck is an established expert in revolutionizing advertising and communications through innovative technologies and processes. With extensive experience in harnessing the newest breakthroughs in various industries, he has consistently developed integrated marketing strategies that yield tangible results for numerous companies. Has ability to build enduring trust and loyalty among clients, leaving a legacy of success. His wealth of experience in spearheading digital transformations and seamlessly integrating with existing organizational frameworks to deliver customized solutions for enterprises has led to significant success and recognition from clients. He has led research teams leveraging innovative technologies and conducting trend analyses to produce solutions rich in overarching brand messaging and proven success.

    Garrett Gilley

    Creative communications professional with strong experience in developing, managing, and implementing communication and marketing campaigns. Garrett has proven expertise in content creation, digital and social media, branding, and website development. His ability in curating and publishing content for webinars, videos, blogs, and podcasts enhance his communication and AV skills in producing enriched audio-visual and digital experiences.

    Jeffrey Hua

    Organized and dedicated project management professional with the ability to utilize cutting-edge project control technologies to provide transparent, real-time client communications and timely, responsive project governance. Jeffrey is a skilled communicator with a deep, empathetic understanding of the needs of diverse audiences. With an in-depth knowledge of change management processes, talent acquisition, and workforce development, he is involved in employee and community engagement, and outreach initiatives including fostering relationships with diverse stakeholders and local communities. Proven effective in the navigation of complex projects, he has demonstrated ability to achieve optimized results while balancing technology, human factors, project specifications, scheduling, budgets, and customer needs.

    Joe Navarre

    Joe is an accomplished consulting leader with experience in leading business and digital transformations including full lifecycle technology implementations (AI, Cloud, Data & Analytics, ERP, CRM, HCM, and Supply Chain). His expertise in organizational change management, workforce transformation, learning & development, HR transformation, and employee engagement has paved the way for organizations implement and sustain long-lasting initiatives that empower employees at every level. He is passionate about implementing massive initiatives that keep employees at the forefront, consistently employing human-centric practices for optimal growth and engagement.

    Kirby King

    As a change maker and leader, Kirby has an outstanding record of achievements at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. During his tenure he was instrumental in rebuilding and rehabilitation of the PATH system, pioneered technology transformation initiatives, and oversaw several complex capital investments and critical infrastructure programs. In his 40 years of service at the Authority, he demonstrated success in program management, transportation planning, operations, facilities management, and engineering. Skilled at organizational development, he centers his focus around building an empathetic and inclusive culture which is cohesive, diverse, multi-disciplinary and innovative, while maintaining alignment with overall vision and goals.


    Slava is a consummate design strategist with over 25 years of experience crafting distinctive advertising and marketing campaign concepts and experiences that resonate with both clients and consumers. His marketing designs meticulously focus on brand identity, eliciting a targeted response from diverse audiences while staying aligned with customer values and objectives. Drawing from extensive experience in developing impactful corporate branding, he excels in leveraging a diverse array of digital channels such as social media, display ads, search engine marketing, as well as traditional channels including print and voice. He specializes in crafting visual identities, integrated communications, advertising campaigns, sponsorship initiatives, and employee engagement programs, employing multimedia productions to effectively convey messages and engage audiences.

    Sherrill Keith

    Experienced and efficient controller bringing to bear over three decades of experience in project control management and government contract accounting. Sherrill is a recognized subject matter expert in the areas of creating and maintaining compliant accounting systems, and implementation of proper internal controls to satisfy various external stakeholders and regulatory agency requirements. With her abilities she is frequently called upon to assist at the project level with quality assurance, monitoring, tracking, and reporting tasks ensuring elite project control systems are established and maintained for each mission.

    Mysore Nagaraja

    Mysore is a proven leader and innovator who has successfully planned and delivered the largest, complex urban transportation design and construction projects in North America, winning international acclaim and accolades. As a previous executive member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), he is a recognized leader in sustainability and green design and is well respected in the industry for his acumen in resolving contract disputes. With his work on leading several multi-billion projects at the MTA, he has received several awards including USDOT’s Lifetime Achievement Award and CMAA’s Person of the Year award.

    Radhika Ramachandran

    A pioneering digital strategist, Radhika is deeply focused on customer-centricity and adept at orchestrating GenAI-driven transformations in marketing and advertising paradigms. She is skilled in harnessing cutting-edge digital tools for dynamic content creation and dissemination across diverse digital ecosystems. Her expertise leads to crafting immersive narratives and captivating success stories to forge indelible connections with audiences, propelling engagement to unprecedented heights.

    Saumil Shukla

    Over 35 years of service in various leadership roles for Con Edison, Saumil’s initiative, technical aptitude, and problem-solving skills were recognized as she quickly moved up from being a technical manager to plant manager within 5 years. Her versatility and ability earned her key positions as Director of Renewable Generation Business, Gas and Electric Transmission Development, Vice President of Steam Operations, and finally as Senior Vice President of Utility Shared Services. Well versed in leading crisis management events including media communications. As a staunch advocate on increasing representation of women in non-traditional jobs, she extended this commitment as a Vice President and Director of a nonprofit organization focused on helping disadvantaged New York City women enter the workforce.

    our team

    We are a diverse, talented, inclusive, and bold team, sharing common values and dedicated to driving transformative change.  We respect, inspire, and support each other to make a difference and to excel in what we do.  We are optimistic, passionate, fun and creative, but above all we are nimble, hardworking and ethical.

    Our accomplished advisory council, comprised of industry leaders, elite subject matter experts and mentors offers strategic guidance, invaluable insights and thought leadership, propelling us forward.

    our ethos – what drives us

    Our ethos serves as the foundation upon which we build our success and drive transformation. Rooted in a commitment to integrity, innovation, and community, our ethos embodies who we are and guides what we do.

    We believe in doing right and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

    We embrace creativity and curiosity to continually improve and stay ahead.

    We strive to make a positive impact and empower the communities we serve.

    We embody diversity and inclusivity and believe in equity and equal opportunities.

    But most importantly, we are bold, embracing courage as a catalyst for growth and change.

    • Marketing strategies for mid-AEC firms in NY and NJ – Shenoy Engineering, SI Eng, Heritage
    • Training and Program Coordination, SCA Advanced Mentor Training
    • First Contract as Prime – NYCEDC Blueprint to Success
    • Fractional CMO, Intelligent Security
    • Program Management NJDOT SSP, the “Bridge to Success”
    • Marketing and Market Research, IBM/EMAEs
    • Marketing & Brand Strategy, 4D
    • Branding/Marketing, EliteCAD
    • NYC Mayor’s Office
    • Market Analysis, Marketing & Communications Strategy, NetApp
    • Leadership Training, NYC SCA/Bradford
    • Project Management Plan (PMP) for BQX, NYC Mayor’s Office
    • Marketing, Media & Communications, MOCJ
    • Program Management, NYSDOT WorkSmartNY Program
    • Marcom for the Commitment to Communities Forum, NJDOT
    • Strategic Communications & Public Outreach, NYPA
    • MWBE SuperCAP Pilot Program, NYS ESD
    • Program Management, NJDOT SSP
    • Branding/Marketing, RSC Architects
    • MWBE Certification Program, ESD
    • Marketing & Community Outreach, MTA/Halmar Design Build Projects – PSA, Randalls Island
    • Marketing/MWBE Outreach – NYCJ Builders (WSP, Dewberry, Halmar)
    • Workforce Development, NYSDOT
    • Outreach & Marketing, NYSDOT/Halmar Design Build Park Ave Viaduct
    • MarCom & Community Outreach, Louisiana DOTD/Halmar



    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) – Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont

    State & Local

    Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) – City of Philadelphia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York City SBS, New York City School Construction Authority, New York State Empire State Development, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    Small Business Enterprise (SBE) – New Jersey, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey