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Date AddedSessionSourceArticleComplexityDescriptionTime to Read
May 1010 - Org Development & HRMcKinseyMcKinsey and A new approach to managing talentModerateThe traditional approach to talent management focuses on the top-level, most senior jobs. But often, the highest value jobs can be found several levels down in an organization, changing the focus from the top down to inside out.760 words - 10 minutes
May 1911 - Basics of TechnologyThe VergeMicrosoft launches a project management app called PlannerBasicMicrosoft wants to help businesses and small teams collaborate and track work with a new app called Planner. Released today for free as part of the Office 365 suite, Planner is a project management service. It uses the established concept of a digital whiteboard plastered with note cards, which you can use to track projects, communicate progress, and attach files.360 words - 4 minutes
May 509 - Project & Time ManagementLifehack22 Time Management Lessons You Need To Learn NowBasicYou may just need to get your mind around managing your time. Following just a few of the time management lessons outlined can make a huge impact on your projects and your life.910 words - 10 minutes
May 1911 - Basics of TechnologyMicrosoftWelcome to Office Help & TrainingBasicMicrosoft portal with exercises and videos to better learn Office.N/A
May 1010 - Org Development & HRHBRSeven Things Great Employers DoModerateThe author defines seven elements in place at the companies with spirited employees which are notably lacking in the others. 1100 words - 20 minutes
Apr 0105 - LeadershipInc.You're an Effective Business Leader If You Have These 8 TraitsBasicThough different leadership styles can be used at different times to build and run an effective business, these eight character traits should be universal in each and every leader:940 words - 10 minutes
Mar 2805 - LeadershipInc.20 Habits of Highly Successful and Effective LeadersBasicEffective leadership is the difference between mediocrity and greatness.1540 words - 14 minutes
Mar 2905 - LeadershipHarvard Business ReviewWhy Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become OneModerateLeadership that assures that all team members feel they are treated respectfully and fairly, are valued and sense that they belong, and are confident and inspired.1200 words - 11 minutes
Mar 2905 - LeadershipThe EconomistThe Skills Leaders Need (registration req'd)BasicCompetence is more important than charisma. Managers need enough presence to persuade their teams to follow the business plan, but they should think in terms of coaching rather than inspiration.720 words - 6 minutes
Mar 2204 - Marketing 101Feedough5 Business Research Methods Every Business Should ImplementModerateBreakout different research methodologies that can be used for both competitive as well as customer research.1000 words - 1 video - 15 minutes
Mar 2204 - Marketing 101American Express OPENUSP 101: How to Uncover Your Unique Selling PropositionModerateWhat sets your business apart from the competition? Determining your unique selling proposition can be a key to getting more customers.900 words - 8 minutes
Mar 2204 - Marketing 101The HartfordMarketing Your Brand in the Digital AgeAdvancedBranding vs Marketing vs Advertising411 words - 4 minutes
Mar 1503 - Business StrategyHBRHow Competitive Forces Shape StrategyAdvancedThe essence of strategy formulation is coping with competition. Yet it is easy to view competition too narrowly and too pessimistically. While one sometimes hears executives complaining to the contrary, intense competition in an industry is neither coincidence nor bad luck.
Mar 1503 - Business StrategyThe StreetWhat Is a SWOT Analysis and When Are They Done?ModerateA SWOT analysis is a study done by an organization or company to find their strengths, weaknesses and external opportunities or threats.
Mar 1503 - Business StrategyAdobe 99UBe Unapologetically Focused: Why Having a Great Strategy MattersModerateFour questions to make sure we're focused in a resource-constrained world.